Release Emotional Energy Blocks and Heal

Release Emotional Energy Blocks and Heal



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8 part Teleclass Series

How to Use Energy Healing to Release Emotional Blocks

By Laura L. Fine,
MFT degree, MA degree, author, founder & director of Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing

Welcome to the eight part Teleclass series, How to Use Energy Healing to Release Emotional Blocks with Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing. Many of us have heard about emotional blocks, very few know what they actually are, how they interfere with our life and what to do about them. Perhaps you are seeking like I was seeking…spiritually seeking, striving for awakened consciousness, wanting to understand the mysteries of healing, longing for true and lasting happiness.

My quest began at the age of 22–a naive 22. I was hungry for answers to all the big questions. Why was I here, what is my soul’s journey, my life purpose? Having just graduated college, I hoisted a backpack and traveled to Europe, then Israel seeking the answers via the wonders of the world. I wanted to know where I fit, who was my tribe, where was my soulmate and how was I going to be happy.

Among many lessons, my travels taught me two important ones; that bravery and strength is relative to knowing myself and my limits, and all people have the same striving – to be happy. But, how to do it?

I shifted my search from the outer to the inner worlds. Perhaps the answers lived in the unseen realms of psychic phenomena, mysticism, healing and spiritualism. I had my first Energy Therapy session in the early 80’s. It was life altering to experience the electrical currents of ‘chi’ running through me, to feel my heart and mind open, and to enter a transcendental state of unconditional expansive love. I never dreamed such an actuality was possible and all without drugs! I knew I had to learn this stuff.

For the next twenty years I studied, trained and sought experts in the field whose capabilities I admired. I was a workshop junkie and regularly ‘healer hopping.’ I would stick with someone for several years until I realized how they were flawed, just like me. I was seeking perfection and yet to find it.

My prayers of desperation were finally heard. I had the great grace to meet a God realized Being. I traveled to India to learn more. I began to deeply understand what true healing is and what it isn’t, what it does and does not do. The subsequent next two decades were spent humbly absorbing true spiritual wisdom. I began to recognize the difference between the part of healing that’s in our Higher Power’s hands and what a healer can facilitate. I learned about universal spiritual principles and values, their vibrational frequencies and their basis for healing, in the Sanskrit scriptures of India.

How to Use Energy Healing to Release Emotional Blocks uses Transpersonal Energy Healing to provide a basis for effective personal transformation that is frequently incomplete through the modalities of talk therapy or hands on body work alone.

There are reasons we can’t ‘talk’ away Emotional Energy Blocks with positive thinking. In this eight part series, you’ll recognize common denominators from each of the contributing experts on to help you unwind ingrained emotional patterns that cause you pain. You’ll come to understand why and how the thought patterns of what you “should or should not know better but do anyway” occur and continue to cause pain and limitation in your life.

Often, the subtle power of Energy Healing is not appreciated or understood. As you follow along and try the exercises each teacher guides you through, do not underestimate the potency of what could occur. Listen closely and without distractions. Put yourself in a private, quiet place and you will have the opportunity for a healing outcome.

Each of the eight audio sessions has an accompanying handout. Please open or print these out in advance of your session and follow along to maximize your understanding.

Whether you are brand new to this topic or already working in the field of holistic or complimentary medicine, you’ll discover a new language and perspective through which to view illness and wellness, with non-judgement, curiosity and wonder. These attributes alone not only facilitate healing but if you are a practitioner, they contribute to the creation of a healing relationship.

When you complete the series you may be interested in learning more or you may find yourself wanting to seek individualized Transpersonal Energy Healing work. Feel free to contact us directly at:, 818-640-6444.

We’re located in Los Angeles and offer some satellite classes in Austin, Texas. On our website you will discover a “Find A Healer” page, where you can select a Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapist from numerous locations or request individual long distance sessions if you don’t find someone in your area.

Enjoy your journey through this series, and we love feedback. Feel free to let us know how you experienced the course via email at:

Warm regards,

Laura L. Fine

Director: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing

Session #1: How to Use Energy Healing to Release Emotional Blocks

Director and founder of Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing, Laura Fine, will explain the phenomena of Emotional Energy Blocks and how they impact your health, your relationships and your life. You’ll find two handouts incorporated in Session 1: Handout A, Introduction to How to Use Energy Healing to Release Emotional Blocks and Handout B, Your Energy Vocabulary List. Please print them out and follow along.

Session 1 is 25:30 minutes –

Session #2: How to Use Energy Healing to Release Emotional Blocks

Director of Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing, Laura Fine will interview a guest and miracle story cancer survivor, Mary Maskell. Mary shares what happened in her highly personal therapeutic work with Laura over the course of a series of ten Transpersonal Energy Healing treatments. Mary discloses the epiphany’s that occurred to her about her about how Emotional Energy Blocks related to specific early childhood experiences and how she believes they contributed to the creation of cancer in her body. Also in this session Laura will take you on a guided visualization journey where you can become aware of where you may be holding an Energy Block. You’ll learn how to initiate your own healing process to Release Emotional Energy Blocks in a safe and gentle manner. Be sure to print out your handout for Session 2, The 6 Steps to Release Emotional Energy Blocks and follow along.

Session 2 is 43 minutes –

Session #3: How to Use Energy Healing to Release Emotional Blocks

Host Laura Fine will interview guest instructor, Dani Antman, an internationally known energy healer who treats client’s using long distance Transpersonal Energy Healing all over the globe. With her more than 25 years of expertise in holistic energy healing, Dani focuses on healing the effects of trauma and PTSD. She is a dedicated to helping people grow spiritually by finding their deepest inner truth. In addition she is an interfaith minister, dedicated to her own spiritual growth, and loves assisting seekers on their awakening journeys. Dani’s soothing voice and teaching style will help you further your own awakening journey. For session #3 please print out your handout, The Diagram of the Chakras, as Dani explains the relationship of each chakra to Emotional Energy Blocks.

Session #3 is 21 minutes –

Session #4: How to Use Energy Healing to Release Emotional Blocks

Host Laura Fine continues the conversation with guest instructor, Dani Antman. In this session Dani returns to offer a live student demo long distance over the phone, in how to Release Negative Emotions. After you listen to her demo you may want to replay this session, imaging you are the client as Dani walks you through this process. In addition you can follow along with Dani’s handout, Six steps to Release Negative Emotions.

Session #4 is 31 minutes –

Session #5: How to Use Energy Healing to Release Emotional Blocks

Host Laura Fine interviews guest expert, Robert Jokel, Master Energy Healing Therapist, as he teaches you how to listen deeply to the wisdom of your body and navigate your way through and out of an Emotional Block. Rob is a holistic Physical Therapist and the developer of a method called IIST, Integrative Immune Strengthening Therapy. Rob has been helping individuals in his private practice for almost 30 years to overcome a variety of “incurable” illnesses. Integrating his knowledge of Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Joint Manipulation and Biomechanics with his ability to perceive subtle energies, Rob has developed unique healing methods that facilitate the integration, alignment and coherency of 5 levels of consciousness. He is the director and producer of the self-help documentary film, Immune to Cancer. Be sure to follow along Rob’s handout, The Vehicle and the Driver.

Session 5 is 21 minutes –

Session #6: How to Use Energy Healing to Release Emotional Blocks

In session 6, host Laura Fine continues the conversation with Rob Jokel. Rob explains the delicate role of the Energy Healing Therapist in the face of a client’s desperate expectations for healing. Rob gives sound advice, useful to any practitioner in the field of holistic medicine about the pitfalls well-meaning therapists can find themselves facing when confronted with a client’s health crisis.

Session 6 is 22 minutes –

Session #7: How to Use Energy Healing to Release Emotional Blocks

Laura Fine, introduces guest instructor and depth psychology expert, Deborah Allen. Deborah is on the faculty of Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing, and an educator, training mid-life professionals in depth psychology, complementary medicine, and trauma education. Debra is a sought after leader in personal transformational workshops in all corners of the world including Europe, Japan and Africa. In this session Deborah discusses the energy of shame as a component of Energy Blocks and what we can do to stop shame from inhibiting our effectiveness in the world.

This session is 25 minutes –

Session #8: How to Use Energy Healing to Release Emotional Blocks

In the final session of our 8 part series, we’ll conclude with guest instructor, Deborah Allen. Deborah will take you on a guided journey to access your witness state. From the vantage point of the witness state, you’ll have a new perspective to understand the basis of your personality power struggles and how to overcome them. Please follow along by printing out your handout with the images of The Five Personality Character Structures.

This session is 26 minutes –



  1. :

    On an emotional level, Laura guided me through a deep healing experience to find a long forgotten inner voice that needed to be heard, understood, and forgiven. With Laura’s great sensitivity and insight, I opened up in ways I didn’t realize I knew how and felt safe to begin processing the deep fears that come with a terminal diagnosis. With each session my spirit grew lighter and the path became clearer.

    Mary Maskell
    Austin, TX

  2. :

    I have been doing long distance therapy work for 8 weeks in conjunction with the “How To Use Energy Healing to Release Emotional Blocks Teleclass.” Layers upon layers of myself have been reveled and are being healed. The person who has been inside me for years who hasn’t been heard, is being noticed and is experiencing a version of love of self that is brand new. Through her safe, loving and wise sessions, Laura has delicately pushed me to dig very deep into myself to figure out why I was feeling so disconnected. I had recently moved to a new city halfway across the country, with my boyfriend who I had dated long distance for several years, and started a new job. Each morning between classes and sessions, I wake up aware of my body, I feel my heart shifting, moving, like I’m doing yoga in my chest. I am awakening. I am safe in the hands of my teachers, mentor and therapist. I don’t need to sit in the room of Lionheart friends that I miss so dearly to heal, grow and learn. I can sit 2000 miles away and yet feel our energy connect each week as we have our sessions. I allow myself to be even more vulnerable than I ever was in sessions in person, because I feel safe behind my phone, in my favorite room in my house, connecting with a friend who has my best interests in mind.

    I am compelled to share my experience because I felt so lost. I couldn’t breathe through the disappointment and fear that was creeping into my soul. Today, I am breathing, I am observing my self and allowing a space of love to open in my heart to replace the armor that had silently grown for 35 years. And if one person who reads this can identify and who wants to feel the power of healing one self, of filling one self and most importantly loving one self, then the gift of Lionheart will be passed from me to you.

    Sales Manager
    Chicago, IL

  3. :

    Release Emotional Blocks is a powerful tele-series with 4 of the foremost teachers of Energy Healing in the United States. This is an invaluable resource for professional Energy Healers or for those seeking tools for their own personal healing. There is a depth of insight about energy and emotions that is clearly conveyed. Each presenter shares valuable techniques to connect with and move emotional energy which are bolstered by potent examples from their healing practices.

    Cathy Stander, Energy Healing Therapist
    Dean of Students Lionheart Institute

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