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One hour free introductory Teleseminar to:

A Healing Haven:
for High Powered Women to Merge Heart, Health and Spirit

What would it mean to you to have a safe place to let your hair down, literally and figuratively, without being marginalized, sexualized or patronized? What would have to happen for you to become fearless and still feel feminine? How would you like to feel supported by women instead of in competition with them? Join us in conversation with women who are successful in the outer world, even though they feel like failures in their inner world. Discover how to catch your insides up with your outsides and how to become a YOU that YOU love “as is” rather than a YOU, you aspire to love.

If you are longing for LIVE community and IN PERSON support, contact us at 818.640.6444 to learn about the live workshops that happen in both our Los Angeles and Austin, Texas branches of Lionheart.


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