Energy Gardens

Bring positive energy and harmony into your home with one of these handmade, unique, Energy Gardens.

All plants must be picked up at the Lionheart Institute on Fridays from 11AM to 5PM.

Lionheart Institute
4370 Tujunga Ave., Suite 150
Studio City, CA 91604

Care Instructions:

The Gardens love the sun and thrive best near natural light and do not require a lot of water.  Light watering with an eyedropper every 10-14 days is best!  They are also meant to be admired and used for daily inspiration only, not for consumption by humans or pets.

Ruby Fuchsite Garden

Ruby Fuchsite Garden – $70

8″diameter x 3.5″H

Inspires calm, compassion, courage, happiness, honesty and self-confidence. Removes negativity and stabilizes emotions.

Amethyst Garden

Amethyst Garden – $75

8″ diameter x 3.5″H

Brings emotional stability and inner strength.  Meditative and calming to promote balance and peace.  Helps to release addictive behavior.

Petite Rose Quartz Garden

Petite Rose Quartz Garden – $55

5.5″W x 3″D x 4.5″H

Inspires love and harmony in relationships.  Encourages self-love and acceptance.  Helps to find healing where needed.

Agate Garden

Agate Garden – $55

4.2″W x 4.25″D x 3″H

Provides protection, strength, and harmony.  Enhances creativity and strengthen the intellect.  Inspires courage and self-confidence.

Mini Selenite Heart Garden

Mini Selenite Heart Garden – $34

4″W x 4″D x 2″H

Inspires serenity, purification, peace and meditation, clarity of thought, Universal love, integrity, spirituality and positive thoughts.

Green Calcite Garden

Green Calcite Garden – $70

8″ diameter x 3.5″ H

Inspires relaxation, release of stress, regains a sense of purpose, and connection with nature.